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The Front Desk
Glitter Tattoos Stall
Popcorn Stall
Lemonade Stall
The winner of the Guess How Many Sweets stall!
Mini Manicure Stall
Cotton Candy Stall
Savouries and Desserts Stall
Face Painting Stall
Make a Bracelet Stall
Unused Gifts/Books Stall
Guess the Name of the Teddy Stall
Make a Crown Stall
Lucky Dip Stall
Announcing the winner of the Guess the Name of the Teddy! Well done Aasiya Alloo!
Decorate a Cake or Biscuit Stall
Mehndhi Stall
Three Tries at Scoring a Goal
Obstacle Course
Don't Buzz the Wire Stall
Guess whcih Cup the Sweet is Under Stall
It's Storytime!
Scratch Art Stall
Knock the Cans Down Stall
Punjabi outfits and Hijaabs Stall
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