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The Children’s Islamic Library has teamed up with Buzz Ideazz, the World Federation & Stanmore Jafferys to help give your children something to do for this worthy cause! Following on the success of the last Sponsored Readathon, we would like to launch a Sponsored Readathon for 2015 – promote the habit of reading, a love of Islam, & raise money for a good cause, all at the same time!

The Sponsored Readathon will take place from Ramadhan 2015 to the 31st of August, 2015 & all the money raised will go towards the Ramadhan Relief Fund through the Children Help Children appeal - help goes to where it is needed across the world, & this year Yemen needs it a lot :(

We ask you to support our Sponsored Readathon by helping your child spend a small amount of time each day either reading to themselves, to others, or being read to. They can read books, comics, magazines, poems, leaflets, articles, & newspapers – anything with words that have something to do with Islam. Children of all ages can take part! Alhamdulillah, the Children’s Islamic Library in the UK has a wide range of material for all ages, including teenagers.

I hope you are convinced! All you have to do to take part is send us an email at info@childrensislamiclibrary.com & get reading & fundraising! You can set up a Justgiving page, or simply ask your family & friends for cash. Good luck & may you be successful, Inshallah! To download the sponsorship form & reading log, as well as for more info, click here: https://www.world-federation.org/news/sponsored-readathon All participants will receive a token of appreciation at an award's ceremony in September, Inshallah.

Happy reading & raising money! The Children's Islamic Library

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